Looking fabulous as always

Looking fabulous as always💕 still look like pups at 8 years old.


Our 2 gorgeous fur children are 8 years old. Can’t imagine our lives without them, how time has flown.
Willow is the most dedicated doggie I’ve ever known. She is a rock in our lives. The way she supported Pepper when he could not walk. She had his back all the way – made me see how much more dogs are intuned with the world than humans.

Pepper proved all the experts wrong by not just walking but running again. Their opinion was to ‘let him go, – thank goodness we followed our own hearts and trusted our ability to help him ourselves.

He’s truly our Superhero! His courage and determination can put people to shame.

Having them in our lives is a true gift from the heavens.
They often visit Maxi’s resting place – he was their ‘dad’ – he’d be so proud and happy to see them both thriving.
This is true Love💕

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